OCS HR Self-Service

The OCS HR Self-Service solution connects employees directly to the HR-system improving data quality and increasing employee satisfaction.

The OCS HR Self-Service solutions connects employees directly to the HR-system – anywhere and anytime, given proper access rights. This improves data quality, leads to fewer phone calls to the office and increases employee satisfaction.

Empowering employees

The self-service modules are designed to give easy access to the OCS HR data from PCs, tablets and smart phones. Installation is not necessary for end-users and the application is self-explanatory, i.e. no user training is required. Through the self-service modules, employees can manage their own personal data, time sheets, travel expenses, certificates, courses and qualifications.

Improving Quality and Reducing Workload

By registering and updating data closer to the source, the quality of the data is improved. The system allows for electronic approval of timesheets and travel expense reports, which reduces paper work and provides better overview and quality. Due to self-ownership of personal information, inquiries from managers and employees to the HR department decrease.

OCS Self-Service meets employees’ demands for access to their own personal data, while increasing the quality and efficiency of the HR processes.

Basic Functionality

  • Tailor-made homepage with news flashes, pending tasks, required training etc.
  • Employee history, including previous employers and positions
  • Leave of absence, sickness, holiday
  • Paychecks for all previous periods
  • Individual access for updating selected personal data
  • Historic and future activities; rotations, sailing/offshore periods, leave, courses, etc.
  • Request and workflows for holidays, leave of absence and changes to work related activities, etc.

Dedicated Module for Managers

  • Access to all personnel data, including training and certificates
  • Staffing of projects and operations based on availability and competence
  • Approval of working hours and overtime
  • Follow up on sick leave
  • Verification of training, evaluations and assessments

Travel Expenses

  • Android and iPhone App for easy registration and transfer of all receipts end expenses
  • Updated with regulations given by company or authorities
  • Calculation of taxable benefit
  • Currency handling
  • Import of credit card transactions directly into the travel expenses report
  • Export of travel data to accounting and payroll

iPhone screens

Time Keeping

  • Pre-populated timesheets — based on recorded activities during period.
  • Registration of working hours according to each employee’s contract
  • Direct connection to payroll system
  • Advanced approval procedures

Competence and Training

  • Complete records of skills, experience, certificates and training.
  • Possibility to apply for courses, start e-Learning modules, read up on guiding documentation, etc.
  • Succession planning, administration of appraisals, assessments and evaluations