OCS HR Payroll

OCS HR Payroll enables efficient and flexible payroll processes, handling multiple currencies and global payroll – with all relevant data collected in the same system.

OCS HR Payroll will help to simplify your company’s payroll process. The solution enables easy setup and calculation of payroll for shore based and offshore based personnel, handles multiple currencies and global payroll – with all relevant data collected in the same system.

OCS HR Payroll

Efficient payroll process

The payroll process is highly automated and wages are calculated based on employees’ individual salary, pay scale and actual activities from the planning module. The OCS HR Payroll system gathers data directly from the company’s main HR system, which provides a single source of consistent information. Furthermore, the system can be set up with seamless integration with other ERP solutions and accounting systems. Payslips can be sent by e-mail, and it is also possible to print daily pay balance and expired competencies directly on each payslip.

Flexible payroll process

OCS HR Payroll offers advanced calculation of wage scales and currency with an unlimited number of rates, pay elements and currencies. The system has a flexible reporting model, reporting historic and non-approved payroll at any time. It is also possible to run separate or common payrolls for different personnel categories. Employees can access their personal details and pay slip through a web interface.

We offer the following payroll solutions:

  • Norwegian Payroll
  • UK Payroll
  • Danish Payroll
  • Philippine Payroll
  • Singapore Payroll
  • International Payroll

Norwegian Payroll

  • Handles electronically all the latest statutory reporting requirements for income, tax, statistics, seaman’s pension, refund tax/NIC for NOR ships and income details for refund of sick pay.
  • A-Melding; automatically reporting to Norwegian authorities
  • Support for importing sick pay refund from NAV
  • Calculates sick pay and accounts for sick leave cost
  • Accrues the cost for outstanding leave days
  • Reporting to Unions

UK Payroll

  • UK tax, National Insurance Contribution Employee, National Insurance Contribution Employer
  • Pension deduction
  • RTI reporting
  • BACS remittance file for domestic bank transfers

Danish Payroll

  • Handles payroll for Seafarers on DIS ships
  • Electronic reporting of income to Danish Tax authorities
  • Electronic pension reporting to PFA pension provider
  • Sign on/off reporting to the Danish Maritime Authority
  • Wage statistics to Danish Ship Owners Association

Philippine Payroll

  • Reporting facilities to the Philippine Tax authorities
  • Electronic Reporting to SSS, Philhealth and PagIbig
  • Allotment calculation with multiple allottees
  • Allotment payslip
  • Remittance file for the banks BDO, BPI and UCI

Singapore Payroll

  • Electronic monthly Central Provident Fund (CPF) reporting and calculation
  • Annual reporting to Singaporean Tax authorities (IRAS)
  • Remittance file for the banks HSBC, Deutche Bank and Nordea

International Payroll

  • Several sets of pay scales and pay elements can be created
  • Separate basic currency
  • Define percentage and bracket calculations
  • Several formats of bank remittance files