OCS HR Crew on Board

OCS HR Crew On Board (COB) is an efficient tool that enables personnel on board vessels and installations to manage its crew and crew related data with synchronisation to onshore systems.

MINTRA GROUP has used their 30 years of experience to develop an offshore HR system covering all operational HR needs. OCS HR Crew On Board (COB) is an efficient tool that enables personnel on board vessels and installations to manage its crew and crew related data. It is a distributed solution that provides the management with easy access to data registration and retrieval, allowing focus to be kept on operations.

Crew On board

Efficient operation

OCS Crew on Board is an HR system aimed at covering the Master’s HR management needs.

COB meets the needs for crewing and the payroll application onboard the vessel. This solution has a database onboard and is not dependent on continuous online access. Data is replicated back and forth to the main HR database onshore when a connection is available, and the replication is built to suit low bandwidth requirements.

The main purpose of the system is to streamline the ship officer’s administrative work tasks by offering a complete system that enables automation of work processes, is user-friendly and has an intuitive design.. The application has been customised to fit the crew’s way of working, meaning that training is rarely needed for the users on board.

The system offers a comprehensive range of set-up options according to the customer’s requirements, enabling ease of access for the on-board user.

Crew On Board gathers all crew related tasks in one solution, minimising the time-consuming administration of personnel. The system provides easy access to crew and manning information needed in operations. All data is synchronised with onshore systems. This ensures data consistency without the risk of duplicating efforts. Another advantage with using Crew On Board is that all information can be updated where and when changes occur – not only on board or in the office.

Empowerment of employees

All users on board have access to the processes they are responsible for following up, and the system is intuitive and easy to use. Crew on Board allows onshore employees to gain insight into activities and data that are recorded on board.

Key features

Personnel on board

  • Exact POB – All personnel including crew, clients/third party personnel and guests
  • Personal data — Name, address, citizenship, telephone, alternative address, next of kin, etc.
  • Cabin management
  • Gangway control – Integration with the Gangway Control System, VingCard Marine

Personnel on board with details about cabin and safety allocations, work shifts and sign on details. Easy access to crew information and organizing crew in safety teams, registering work and rest, log books, induction/familiarization, handover reporting, payroll, evaluation/assessment, and several other functions easily accessible from the opening page. Access rights controls access to modules, functions and data.

Work and rest

  • Graphical display of work hours – notifications given in case of violations
  • Approval functionalities for work and rest hours
  • Self Service functionality for crew members to enter their own work and rest hours

Work & rest shows details about work and rest periods and identifies violations. It uses the planned work shift as input and allows manual input of additional work or changes. The user selects whether to show it as rest or as work.


  • Manage payroll from the office, using input from the vessel
  • Connected to Work and Rest, Slop and Bonded Store and Master’s Cash Account
  • Pro-rated overtime and allotment management
  • Operation logging
  • Configurable logbooks for logging any type of operation
  • Options for updating competencies based on experience
  • Handover reporting


  • Master’s Cash Account, Slop and Bonded Store
  • On board accounting system for handling cash payments in different currencies
  • Fully controlled and configured from the office

Competence management

  • Easy access to competence requirements for all activities/operations
  • Courses held on board can be managed
Competence management

Competence matrixes made in the office are available on board and can be used to monitor or verify competence. Certificates and other competence is exchanged between office and vessels and visualized in competence matrixes, lists and reports on board.

Port clearance

  • Port schedule, handover functionality and stores
  • Clearance reports for various countries

Helicopter manifest

  • Passengers, Flights, Cargo, Remarks
  • Historical register of all flights

Travel reservation

  • Make travel reservations on board for crew signing on and off
  • Integration with travel agents

Emergency planning

  • Set up of Emergency Response Teams with roles and requirements
  • Follow up on all drills and emergency training
  • Induction/Familiarization

Medics module

  • Separate access control
  • Medication, vaccinations, allergies, etc.
  • Update medical records, manage examinations, health declaration etc.