A comprehensive suite of software covering HR, crewing and payroll needs of shipping and offshore companies.

Created by industry, for the industry.

Drawing on more than 30 years of industry experience, we have worked closely with our global customers to build a complete crew management software solution for the shipping and offshore industries. OCS HR enables you to be confident that you will have the right people in the right place at the right time, allowing you to operate efficiently. OCS HR takes care of your employee data, crew rotation planning and competence needs while integrating payroll, training and travel booking to allow for seamless operations.

Our technologies are used to support the operation of more than 1,800 vessels, ranging from tankers, cargo and passenger ships to semi-submersibles and research vessels.

A Comprehensive Crew Management Solution

Centralised and secure employee data

Securely manage all your employee data within one GDPR-compliant system. Store certificates, evidence of competence, seaman’s books, visas, contracts, insurance policies and union memberships in one central database.

OCS HR is the main module of Mintra Group’s integrated HR Suite. Normally, the interface is used by the operators in the onshore HR department, managing all aspects of crewing, competence management, payroll and general HR administration. The solution is available both as a local installation and as a cloud solution.

OCS HR has the following main functionalities:

  • Module for personnel information
  • Planning and rotation
  • Competence management
  • Training booking
  • Travel booking
  • International payroll

Efficient crew planning and management

You can easily generate a complete overview of planned activities for employees on each vessel or platform. You can set sailing plans according to your own predefined patterns and tailor rotations for crews and individuals. The system automatically checks that the planned crew has the required competence, ensuring that you comply with legislative requirements at all times.

Travel Booking

OCS HR makes it easy for you to book the required travel for planned crew changes. You can also book travel arrangements for course participation through the integrated travel agency system.

Complete crew compliance

We know that the requirements for competence are complex in the industries we serve. Our competence module allows you to define the requirements for a position, vessel, installation, country, flag state, project, customer or original specification and get a complete overview of your employees’ compliance in a snapshot. You can use the system’s comprehensive search abilities to find the employees available whose competencies or certificates match your specific crew requirements.

Career Planning made simple

Being able to compare requirements for one position against another makes career and transition planning simple. It is easy to facilitate training plans within the system and record employees’ progress. You can also register experience and manage evaluations during appraisals and assessments. When defined goals and work tasks are achieved, the employee is set to “ready for promotion” within the system and becomes selectable in the manning process.

Training on track

The Training Booking module combines course calendars, competence gap analysis and employees’ schedules and automatically suggests training activities in periods of leave based on requirements and expiration of competence. The software, because it is fully integrated with our Online Generic Course Catalogue (including 3rd party course providers), makes it easy to find the required training, book classroom courses and e-learning courses directly within the system. Furthermore, it automatically exchanges data with the course providers. It will inform them of any changes made to the course date or venue, give them training completion data and can store and recall scanned course certificates.

Automate and accelerate business processes

To enable more effective business processes, OCS HR supports building workflows and notifications. You can set up the system to help you automate important business processes, such as vacation planning; and supervisors can follow-up with employees on sick leave. You can create custom workflows so that complex operations can be simplified and the right personnel involved. You can also set up notifications, either within workflows or separately, to notify personnel about important events in the business processes – for example expired competence; employees starting and leaving the company; or employees changing departments, installations or vessels.

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Customise your own solution

We understand that every business is different. We continually identify and develop solutions for the industry and create new and valuable additions to the OCS HR system.

Flexible payroll in multiple currencies

OCS HR Payroll will help to simplify your company’s payroll process. The solution enables easy setup and calculation of payroll for both shore-based and offshore-based personnel. It also handles multiple currencies and global payroll, and collates all relevant data in the same system. Learn More >

Minimize administration, maximize operations, save time

Crew On Board gathers all crew related tasks in one solution, minimising the time-consuming administration of personnel. The system provides you with easy access to the crew and manning information needed in operations. All data is synchronised with onshore systems, ensuring data consistency without the risk of duplicating efforts and meaning that all information can be updated where and when changes occur – not only on board or in the office. Learn More>

Empower employees

OCS HR Self-Service connects employees directly to the HR-system – anywhere and anytime. This improves data quality, reduces the office admin workload and increases employee satisfaction. Learn more>

Verify competence

Managing the administration of the necessary competence of workforces is complex and time-consuming. Our systems automate the process of offshore training and give supervisors the tools they need to manage compliance. You can set up training requirements related to role, position and specific number onboard, and allocate eLearning, familiarisation and classroom courses to ensure complete crew competence. With the integration of TRAININGPORTAL, eLearning can be booked and launched within the system. The competence element allows Verifiers and Assessors to approve crew members’ training evidence, enabling the complete tracking of all learning events. Learn More>