Maritime courses

Our modern and updated e-Learning course portfolio meets today’s requirements for efficient training, and is available offline with synchronisation to onshore systems.

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MINTRA GROUP is now expanding its library of courses to provide a comprehensive suite of courses for the maritime industry.

We offer a modern and updated course portfolio, with up-to-date content and fresh, inspiring design, meeting today’s requirements for efficient training. The courses are also available offline with synchronisation to onshore systems.

Distribution and Data Synchronisation

The courses are distributed through TRAININGPORTAL offline and can be accessed onboard, without internet connection. TRAININGPORTAL offline is installed once on a server onboard, and courses are downloaded when the vessel has internet connection.

Information about enrolments and course completions require little bandwidth and is synchronised at pre-set intervals, without any manual intervention. Training records can be integrated with onshore HR/ERP system, such as OCS HR.

Updated Course Library

Through TRAININGPORTAL offline, our clients have unrestricted access to our full library of e-learning courses. Other relevant courses can also be purchased through our extensive market place.

New courses are continuously being developed, and existing courses are regularly updated. New and updated courses can easily be downloaded once the vessel is online.

Our e-Learning courses meet all modern standards:

  • Compatible with both PCs and iPads
  • Can be run offline through the TRAININGPORTAL App
  • Provided with fast-track option

See the full catalogue on TRAININGPORTAL.

Please contact us if you have a training need that is not covered by our course catalogue.