Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned is a global platform for sharing lessons learned from unwanted incidents across the industry.

Lesson Learned is an application that enables better learning from unwanted incidents across companies and industries. Through the Lesson Learned Industry Collaboration, companies share their experiences from unwanted incidents within the company, with their partners and with their clients.


The Lesson Learned Industry Collaboration is based on the principle of mutual advantage
and productive relationships. The industry has access to search for, subscribe to and share lessons learned. All parts in the industry can participate both as trainers and learners in order to reduce the risk for unwanted incidents. The industry parts have access to an online library of relevant training material, available 24/7.


Through Lesson Learned, each individual company takes responsibility for their unwanted incidents and distributes lessons learned both to employees and to all other participating parts working in the oil and gas industry.

Through Lesson Learned, each individual company gives focus to areas for improvement. The Lesson Learned application encourages employees to drive a positive change towards a safety culture where everybody is responsible for sharing of and learning from unwanted incidents.


Lesson Learned has set a new standard for sharing experiences across companies, countries and industries. Sharing across company borders represents an innovative view in the industry, and a large number of companies have already adopted the new trend of sharing and learning from each other’s experiences.

Lesson Learned provides a wide range of companies – from multinational operators to small contractors – with the possibility to collaborate and continue to improve their HSE performance.

The Lesson Learned application helps the companies drive change on the way to continuous improvement and safe, reliable operations.

Easy access:

  • All employees have read access
  • Free text search and advanced search
  • Save/print one-pagers
  • Share lessons
  • Subscribe to lessons

Easy data input:

  • Photos
  • Links
  • Documents
  • Additional information
  • Metadata