Why do we matter?
Historically we have been recognised and appreciated as a key supplier to the oil and gas industry in the North Sea Region. We have created value for our clients, employees and shareholders. We believe that our efforts and experience with creating value, safety and managing risk and people for clients in tough environment are lessons that can be transferred and adopted globally and by other industries. By putting our experience, knowledge and competency to work, we create long-lasting customer relationships that proves profitable and valuable to all.

We unlock the power of competence.

Who are we?
The MINTRA GROUP that we see today is the result of two leading companies within their fields joining forces to provide the complete spectrum of services within HR and competence management – from crew management and payroll solutions to training and course administration.

No other company can match the services that the new MINTRA GROUP can provide. We have the product, skills, capability and capacity to meet our clients’ challenges in these dynamic markets. We enable companies to train, develop and manage their workforce through the provision of innovative and integrated solutions and services. By making the most of their competent assets, our clients both save costs and increase safety, efficiency and quality.

What do we offer?
MINTRA GROUP provides workforce development and management solutions, aimed at driving efficiencies and resulting in cost savings. Based on our offer, experience and customers in industries like oil and gas, maritime, construction and renewables we are ready to expand and service HR, training and competence management needs in new markets and new industries.

Through smart solutions, we unlock the power of competence for our customers to ensure safe, efficient and profitable operations.

What do we believe in?
We believe that by being client oriented, innovative, driven, combined with high standards of integrity, we will be able to meet the expectations of our clients, but also act as a leader – driving the development in our fields of expertise to the benefits of our clients.

Our values are:

We take time to listen so that we understand what our clients want; we are quick to respond and always adopt a solution-based approach.

We are passionate about exceeding our customer’s expectations and are constantly looking for new ways to improve their business.

We think differently; we challenge the norm and innovate to drive efficiencies.

We behave in a manner that reflects mutual respect, honesty and ethical business practice in all our dealings by doing things the right and safe way.

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