Strategic alliance benefits MINTRA GROUP’S clients

Mintra Group’s new formed strategic alliance with Falck Safety Services means that we can offer our clients a wider range of services and solutions and that our services and solutions will be available on a global scale. The new alliance will cover all our clients needs and ensure new possibilities for our clients.

Mintra Group will now become the preferred e-learning provider to Falck globally, while Falck Safety Services’ wide range of courses will be available for Mintra Group’s clients. The alliance partners will also work closely to develop new products and solutions. Together, Mintra Group and Falck Safety Services, will seek to break new ground in the market, developing and offering products, services and solutions that will secure that the client’s training and learning processes are cost efficient and of high quality.

Falck Safety Services will now use, market and sell Mintra Group’s Learning Management System, Training Management System and e-learning courses to Oil & Gas, Offshore and Renewables markets worldwide.

Falck Safety Services will complement Mintra Group services, and by joining forces we will meet a demand on future Training Management Service (TMS) activity in the global market.

“We have received signals from the market that a strategic alliance like this would be attractive. We will jointly look for opportunities to develop blended learning in the future together with Falck Safty Services,” says CEO of Mintra Group, Scott Kerr

Read more about the new alliance here.

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