TRAININGPORTAL is a flexible Learning Management System (LMS) which includes an extensive Competence Management System (CMS).

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TRAININGPORTAL is a flexible Learning Management System (LMS) which includes an extensive Competence Management System (CMS). TRAININGPORTAL is in everyday use processing more than 500,000 learning events each year. More than 500 companies use TRAININGPORTAL on a daily basis.



TRAININGPORTAL is a cloud-based solution that enables your company to efficiently administrate training and competence for all employees.

TRAININGPORTAL gives access to an extensive generic course catalogue, including both e-Learning, classroom courses and blended courses. The catalogue contains over 500 course titles from more than 60 course providers. TRAININGPORTAL also includes tools that let you create your own e-Learning content and tests.

Training records are linked to the relevant competence records, and reports can be extracted automatically through subscriptions. TRAININGPORTAL has an interface that enables integration with each organisation’s ERP or HR system, allowing for automatic exchange of information.

Administrators of the system are guided by step-by-step processes, designed to make every task in the system as streamlined and simple as possible.

TRAININGPORTAL supports the use of notifications, which is one of the reasons why course administration is an easy task. Automatic notifications are sent directly to the students regarding course enrolments, reminders, and upon course completion.

Competence Management

TRAININGPORTAL enables organisations to define competence requirement and individual assessment plans and to assess competence levels for staff of varying roles across the organisation. The portal holds details on industry regulations and refresher intervals, which enables the company and the candidates to be alerted when refresher training is required. Users may also be assigned to a role as an Assessor and Verifier, and the system includes functionality for communication between the different roles. The competence dashboard and reports present the data in a way that is straightforward and easily comprehensible for all users.

Learning Management

TRAININGPORTAL comes with a responsive student user interface, allowing employees to manage their training anywhere, anytime and from their own device. The portal has a flexible set-up of administrator roles and organisational structures, enabling each organisation to use the system in the most efficient way. The portal has support for all types of training activities, such as classroom courses, e-Learning and blended training. Virtual class room courses may also be organised, enabling employees to attend synchronous training from anywhere in the world.

TRAININGPORTAL supports fast track learning paths and nano-learning. Through the survey module, all training can be evaluated by use of digital questionnaires. TRAININGPORTAL supports SCORM and AICC

Content Development

TRAININGPORTAL’S built-in authoring tool allows companies to create their own e-Learning courses by importing videos and converting PowerPoints to trackable learning. There is also support for setting up exams and pre-tests that can be used alone or together with other training activities.

Contractor Portal

How do you secure that your contractors and external personnel have the required training? How do you distribute e-Learning and learning elements to them in a flexible and consistent manner? With TRAININGPORTAL Contractor portal you can share internal or external courses and document that everyone delivering services to your company has the required training. You can let your contractors administrate their own training, to reduce the administrative burden on your side.


Our offline system provides the solution to delivering high quality training even in situations where access to the internet is limited. With variable or limited internet access, course users may experience problems in going through e-learning courses containing animation, film or other media-rich elements. This problem can be solved by using the TRAININGPORTAL Offline version. TRAININGPORTAL Offline is installed once on a server on board a vessel or installation and e-Learning courses are downloaded in periods with internet access. Courses can then be completed offline. Information about enrolments and course completions require little bandwidth and is synchronised at pre-set intervals, without any manual intervention. Training records can be integrated with onshore HR/ERP system, such as OCS HR.


With the TRAININGPORTAL App, available on Google Play and App Store, individual users can easily download course content to their own device and complete the course offline. Course completions are automatically transferred to TRAININGPORTAL when the user has internet access.