We are committed to service excellence and have a robust support infrastructure ensuring clients receive a first class service at all times.

For more information, please contact: +47 55 98 63 00 (OCS HR), +44 (0) 8432 247840 (Trainingportal, UK) +47 24 15 55 55 (Trainingportal, Norway) /

Customer support

MINTRA GROUP is committed to service excellence and provides a robust support infrastructure that ensures a first class service at all times for all clients.

Our support team is available whenever you need help. Yet, no matter how effective we are, we believe it is better to not require assistance. This ethos forms the basis of the MINTRA GROUP continual improvement program, which has been designed to remove common obstacles at the root cause to ensure you never see them.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are specified within each contract and used along with customer satisfaction to measure the performance and effectiveness of the support provided. As you can see below, our customers report a high level of satisfaction with our support services.

Our customer support centre will soon be operating 24/7 and continuously improved, allowing you to benefit from even greater support.

LIVE SLA Achievement: 99% LIVE Satisfaction Score: 98%

Contact Support


If you are looking for support, advise or consultancy on any of the OCS products; HR, Payroll, Crew on Board or Self Service, please get in touch via the email address or phone number provided below. Whatever your requirement, one of our dedicated product specialists will be on hand to assist you. For excisting OCS HR customers, please raise an support issue through our customer portal.

Phone: +47 55 98 63 00


For any support, advise or consultancy relating to the use of TRAININGPORTAL, whether it be in relation to Training or Competence, our dedicated TRAININGPORTAL specialists will be able to provide support, advice or consultancy. You can contact our TRAININGPORTAL specialists via email or phone.

Phone: +44 (0) 8432 247840 (UK) / Phone: +47 24 15 55 55 (Norway)


Please use our dedicated email address for questions related to GDPR