OCS HR is a comprehensive suite of software covering all the HR, crewing and payroll needs of a shipping and offshore company.

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The shipping and offshore industry’s HR needs are comprehensive. Using the OCS HR system you can control and automate complex HR tasks, so that operations run smoother and your company can serve more employees with the same level of staffing.


Personnel and Employment Data

OCS HR manages all information about employees, such as certificates, competence, seaman’s book, visa, medical papers, next of kin etc. It also holds contracts and terms of employment, insurance policies and union memberships. Everything is collected in one central database for the global company, providing easy access to work history, seagoing time and project experience. All types of personal documents can be scanned and attached to each employee’s profile, including competence documents, contracts, passports etc.

By using the OCS HR Self Service solution, employees get directly connected to the HR-system – anywhere and anytime, given proper access rights. This improves data quality, leads to fewer phone calls to the office and increases employee satisfaction.

Crew Planning and Management

The OCS planning and rotation module is an efficient tool for crew coordinators, providing a total view of planned activities for all employees. Sailing plans can be set up according to predefined patterns. Rotation can also be planned for crews and individuals. Through the intuitive graphical interface, it is easy to plan and adjust sailing periods by using drag-and-drop functions. The system automatically checks that the planned crew has the required competence, or if certificates will expire during the period.

Through OCS Crew On Board (COB) personnel on board vessels and installations can manage its crew and crew related data, which can be synchronised with the onshore system.

Travel Booking

The system assists you in booking travels for planned crew changes, based directly on the crew plan. Travels required for course participation can also be booked. Integration with travel agencies ensures that travel details from all such bookings are returned back into the OCS HR system.

Competence Management

The requirements for competence are complex in the industries we serve. Through the competence module you can define requirements for position, vessel or installation, country, flag state, project, customer or a combination of all, and get a total overview of the compliance of all employees. Career and transition planning is made simple by the option to compare requirements for one position against another. Hence, the planning of training programs are facilitated. Through the system’s comprehensive search abilities, you can for example find available employees with certain competencies or certificates. It is also possible to register experience and manage evaluations during appraisals and assessments.

Training Booking

The Training Booking module combines course calendars, competence gap analysis and employees’ schedules. The system automatically suggests training activities in periods of leave based on requirements and expiration of competence. The system is fully integrated with our Online Generic Course Catalogue, including 3rd party course providers, making it possible to find the required training, book classroom courses and start e-learning courses directly through the system. Furthermore, the system automatically exchanges data with the course providers on any changes made to the course date or venue, as well as training completion – including scanned course diplomas.

Optimizing Business Processes by Using Workflows and Notifications

To enable more effective business processes, OCS HR supports building workflows and notifications. The system can be set up to help you automate important business processes, such as vacation planning, and allows supervisors to follow up employees on sick leave. Custom workflows can also be created, so that complex operations can be simplified and the right personnel involved. You can also set up notifications, either as part of workflows or separately, to notify personnel about specific important events in the business processes – for example expired competence, employees starting and leaving the company, or employees changing department or installations/vessels.

Over the years we have built up a unique blend of quality software and industry skills, working closely with our global customers. OCS HR is arguably the most complete crew management solution on the market, offering the following benefits:

  • The HR and Crewing department works smarter and more efficiently
  • Business processes are automated
  • Valuable information, knowledge and experience are stored and managed in the system – less dependency on key personnel
  • Compliance to customer and authority requirements is documented
  • Enables organisational streamlining and business process re-engineering