Mintra Publisher

Mintra Publisher is an easy to use, web based authoring tool that makes it possible to develop, edit and publish high quality interactive eLearning content.

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Mintra Publisher is a web based solution where scriptwriters, subject matter experts, reference groups and media developers can collaborate via a user friendly interface on the development of eLearning content, anywhere and anytime.

Mintra Publisher


Several people can work simultaneously on the same course. Users can also communicate through Mintra Publisher’s chat function. The inherent functionality of the publishing platform ensures efficient work processes and interaction between content authors, subject matter experts and reference groups.


Mintra Publisher supports HTML5 for publishing courses to mobile phones and tablets. The cross platform publishing solution detects whether Flash or HTML5 media support is present and automatically selects the best option at run time.

Easy-to-use templates

Mintra Publisher has approximately 20 user friendly templates for presentations and exercises, making it easy to produce highly interactive and motivating courses.

Efficient production of multilingual courses

Mintra Publisher supports approximately 20 different languages for production of courses. Any new language version will reuse the same structure, content elements and logic as the original course. All language versions of a course can be collected in a single course package.

Other functionality

  • eLearning script always available through the manuscript editor
  • PowerPoints can be converted to eLearning
  • “Text-for-speech”-functionality offered for accessibility
  • Online-help
  • Support
  • Fast-track possible, in combination with Trainingportal
  • SCORM 1.2 and AICC-support

Mintra Publisher is used daily by Mintra’s professional content team.