Add notifications on survey response

We have included functionality for adding notifications to survey responses. This means that you can now choose to receive notifications on a set interval when someone has answered a survey. You can choose to get all responses or responses on selected courses/surveys. You can also choose how often you want to receive the notifications.

Re-enroll all users that needs to refresh a course

It has been possible to re-enroll users to courses when they needed refreshers, however it was quite time consuming if you had many users with this status, because they had to be re-enrolled manually one by one. Therefore, we have now added the possibility to re-enroll all users that needs to refresh a course at the same time.

Various improvements

– Support for handling No-show and failed on classroom courses when manually setting completions.

– Possibility to set repetition interval for a “test” in competence requirements.

– Organizational unit is included in survey reports.

– Competence requirement creation date is added as column to competence status report.

– Various improvements to text and column size for better user experience


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