Mintra Group provide 83 eLearning courses for BP globally

Mintra Group are delighted to have pushed live 83 eLearning courses at the start of July, for our first contract with BP. These courses form a package for the Global provision of HSE eLearning across BP’s business.

As one of the largest providers of eLearning to the Oil and Gas Industry, Mintra are well placed to provide BP with courses they require, spanning a variety of HSE topics, in alternative languages.

The training is accessible to BP personnel remotely, thus reducing cost of travel, accommodation and day-rates which can often be attributed to practical training courses.

Peter Conner, VP Service Development commented: “We are thrilled to have been awarded a contract with BP. In the current climate, it is crucial that we can provide an offering which maintains quality in training yet also keeps costs down for the client. With a global workforce of over 80,000, Mintra seek to support and also enhance BP’s training needs”.

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