Mintra Group launches cloud-based OCS HR

Over the last years, increasingly more services have moved to the cloud. This is also the case for the petroleum and maritime sector. Mintra Group’s Learning Management System (LMS) Trainingportal has already been cloud-based for a number of years.

We are now moving OCS HR to the cloud, in cooperation with our partners Amazon and Rackspace, and can offer our clients OCS HR as SAAS solution. This gives our customers all the benefits of a complete cloud-based HR and payroll solution system. OCS HR in the cloud will be launched early this summer and available in August.

With OCS HR in the cloud, our customers will experience a system which is both cost efficient due to its “pay as you go” model without having to commit to large projects and low maintenance since it reduces the number of servers, IT-specialists and software costs. The potential for cost reduction is therefore significant without compromising on reliability of IT-solutions.

Software and functionality upgrades are immediately accessible in the cloud, so there is no need for time consuming update processes. Provided online connection, the programs may be used everywhere, and several programs can even be used offline, eliminating the need for VPN-connections and other external connection.

Cloud-based applications are available for all employees regardless of time, place or digital platform – providing access to real-time data and enabling cooperation across differences in location and time.

This will increase customer experience and service – and we are looking forward to offering it to the market.

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