Maritime courses

Customer demand is driving the rapid expansion of our Ship and Offshore vessel training library.

Delivering training and competence has always been an important part of our services. Ready, willing, motivated employees and ship crews are a key competence of any company’s long-term strategy. Respecting your training is a clear form of respect to your crews.

A comprehensive Maritime Training Library matched with,

  • Customer’s direct input into future training titles. Driving the maritime library to grow with ‘industry selected’ titles by more than +15 titles each year.
  • Bespoke training title development is a popular option.
  • In house use of the training title authoring tool that gives you the ability to leverage your company knowledge and capture it from your PowerPoint presentations, videos, and many other formats.
  • It all works on PC/Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones.

And offer it with,

  • Flexible Agreement Terms with simple and predictable pricing.
  • Scalability to your company size and use.

See our Maritime Course Catalogue for more information:

Maritime Norway

Maritime International



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