Mintra Renewables

With the ratification of the UN’s Paris agreement, aimed at reducing the World’s total emissions of greenhouse gases, renewable energy sources will get top priority in the coming years. However, complex construction projects worldwide require that challenges related to health and safety are addressed appropriately.

We offer a wide range of products, services and solutions – from Learning Management Systems and Competence Managements System (Trainingportal) to Lessons Learned – to the renewables industry.

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  • Trainingportal

    Trainingportal is a flexible Learning Management System (LMS) which includes an extensive Competence Management System (CMS).
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  • Mintra Publisher

    Mintra Publisher is an easy to use, web based authoring tool that makes it possible to develop, edit and publish high quality interactive eLearning content.

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  • Lesson Learned

    Lesson Learned is a global platform for sharing lessons learned from unwanted incidents across the industry.

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  • Competence Management Services (CMS)

    We offer cost effective services for managing and supporting all competence requirements that an organisation may require.

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  • Content production

    Our team of experienced project managers, learning, design and development experts deliver tailor-made courses to clients across the globe, making us one of the leading providers of first-class e-learning across a range of industries.

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  • Support

    We are committed to service excellence and have a robust support infrastructure ensuring clients receive a first class service at all times.

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