Important changes to Inactive Users on TRAININGPORTAL

Searching for users
When searching for users in the “Users” tab, please note that ONLY active users will be shown. Inactive users must manually be selected by choosing either “Show inactive” or “Show both inactive and active” in the search functionality.

Inactive users tab
We have added a new inactive users tab where you can manage all the inactive users in one place.
Please click the tab to see more actions. There is no need to use a separate organizational structure for the inactive users, as all of them will be visible here.

Various improvements
– It is possible to activate portal settings for deleting inactive users after X amount of months. Please inform your contact person or support department should you wish to set this up.
– The inactive users are removed from user lists for courses, competences and roles.
– For reports with user selection, we have changed the filter “Exclude inactive users” to “Include inactive users”, so you will need to explicitly check this box to see the inactive users.

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